Circuit de Mettet - Jules Tacheny


25 October 2019

The association “Les Non-Voyants et leurs Drôles de Machines” in partnership with the BARA driving school and the Circuit Jules Tacheny in Mettet have decided to collaborate, as they do every year, in order to offer visually impaired or blind people the opportunity to take the wheel on the circuit.

Indeed, on Thursday 7 November, 10 visually impaired people will get behind the wheel of a school car to discover the track of the mythical Jules Tacheny circuit. The aim is not, of course, to take the driving test, but to live the dream of these people, which is to be able to drive one day, to feel the sensations of driving and to say quite simply: “I know what it feels like to drive”. Similarly, for those who have been able to drive in their sighted lives, it is a wonderful return to their roots, a reminder of what it feels like!

Luc Costermans lost his sight in 2004 and decided to get back behind the wheel of his car, but also to allow other blind people like him to live the passion of driving. In 2008, he broke the world speed record for a blind person (308 km/h at the wheel of a Lamborghini), but above all he has set up driving courses open to visually impaired people.